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As 2022 winds down to an end, our office looks back fondly on the hard work that produced excellent results for our clients. What we know is that there are no shortcuts to success. Each client that hires our firm is provided individual attention and a strategy is designed based upon the unique facts and circumstances that the client is facing. While we are proud of the work that we accomplished on each and every case, there are five that stand out as our greatest success stories from this calendar year.

State of Florida v. D.M. – NOT GUILTY VERDICT

Our client was a CDL driver’s license holder. While visiting Florida, he was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested for Driving Under the Influence. He declined to submit to field sobriety exercises and breath testing. A conviction for DUI would have been a career killer. After weighing his options, our client elected to have his case resolved with a trial. Mr. Sullivan defended the client against the allegations and raised reasonable doubts as to his guilt. Ultimately, a verdict of Not Guilty was rendered and our client was able to maintain his employment.

State of Florida v. A.G. – NOT GUILTY VERDICT

Our client was gainfully employed in the medical field. As a young man, the client had been convicted of a DUI manslaughter offense and served time in state prison. While driving home from work one day, he was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI offense under the theory that he was impaired by his prescription medications. Mr. Sullivan used his Drug Recognition Expert training to poke holes in the state’s theory of impairment and our client was ultimately found Not Guilty of DUI.


Our client was represented by our Senior Partner Marc Pelletier for a misdemeanor DUI charge with a breath test result that exceeded .30. Given the high breath result, the prosecutor was seeking enhanced sanctions. Mr. Pelletier and Mr. Sullivan researched the machine that was utilized to test our client’s breath alcohol level and found a number of errors that called into question the reliability of the results. The duo litigated a Motion to Suppress the Breath Test Results which was ultimately granted by the Court. Because the State lost the ability to use the breath test evidence, our client was able to resolve her case with a plea to a reduced charge.


Our client was charged with a fourth offense DUI and was facing a lifetime loss of his license. The client hired Mr. Sullivan to defend his case shortly after the arrest. Mr. Sullivan’s early intervention in the case resulted in the administrative license suspension being invalidated and our client was able to fully reinstate his license. In the criminal case, Mr. Sullivan reviewed all discovery and evidence which revealed several factual and legal defenses. These issues were brought to the attention of the State Attorney who ultimately agreed to amend the Felony DUI to a misdemeanor reckless driving. Our client was able to resolve the case with no DUI conviction, no loss of license and no jail time.


Our office was contacted by a client in the middle of March. He had been charged with a DUI and hired another firm to represent him. The law firm was based out of Miami but advertised heavily on the internet for Pinellas County cases. After 8 months, he had never met his lawyers and they told him he should plea to a DUI, go to jail for 10 days, and accept a 5-year license revocation. After changing lawyers, Mr. Sullivan obtained all of the video, discovery, and intoxilyzer evidence associated with the case. He found a significant legal issue with the case that had been overlooked by the out-of-town Miami lawyers. Mr. Sullivan was able to leverage this legal issue in a way that the State Attorney agreed to reduce the second offense DUI to Reckless Driving. This outcome allowed our client to avoid jail time and the five-year loss of license.

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While each case presented its own unique challenge, the common denominator is that there is no shortcut to success. When you hire the best DUI attorneys in Clearwater, our highly rated DWI defense attorneys will investigate all aspects of your case to ensure that we secure the most favorable outcome in your case.

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