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Attorney Tim Sullivan is an exceptional lawyer who goes above and beyond expectations when representing his clients. Always professional and responsive to any questions needing answers. His firm has a team of experienced experts in many areas of the law and they do not hesitate to research relevant case law related to a particular case. Highly recommended.

– Randy

Timothy Sullivan and his entire team are by far the best law firm in the Tampa Bay area! Tim's knowledge on both sides of the law are seemingly unparalleled from any vantage point. Tim was the first proffesional that reached out to me at a desperate time in my life. Having Tim in my corner was like winning the lottery. I watched him take center stage of the courtroom. He literally took complete control of the room and never gave it up. Mr. Sullivan is most certainly the consummate professional. I needed a miracle and that's exactly what I got.
Mr. Sullivan and his knowledgeable staff are undeniably a dream come true!!!


I highly recommend Tim Sullivan as a criminal defense attorney... Tim walked me through every step, ensuring that no detail was missed, and was available at virtually any hour to personally handle any questions I had. Before choosing Tim, I spoke with other attorneys who told me that the outcome I was hoping for was impossible. However, when I spoke with Tim, he was realistic but also assured me that he would diligently work every angle to arrive at a solution I would be happy with. He followed through on his word and was able to negotiate with the state to have them agree to the terms I was hoping for, so my case was resolved the day I went to court... Overall, if you're in need of a criminal defense attorney who genuinely has your best interests at heart, I cannot recommend Tim Sullivan and his team enough. Thank you, Tim, for your exceptional work!


I would like to thank Atty. Sullivan for the excellent and professional work that he and his team has successfully achieved in regard to my DUI case due to this one has been reduced to a RECKLESS DRIVING charge which is fantastic!!! Kudos to the team "Russo Pelletier & Sullivan" for helping me out on having a new opportunity to continue working toward my goals!


This law firm is extremely diligent, and will work relentlessly to get you the outcome you want. Everyone at the firm is so nice and knowledgeable. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend.


Tim and his team did a fantastic job resolving my DUI, kept me informed and ahead of the court system each and every step of the way and even managed to get it reduced despite my refusal. You can rest assured you’re in good hands with this firm.


Mr. Tim Sullivan and his staff were 5 star in every way. They won my DMV hearing and I never lost my license or needed a hardship. Then after all that he got my case transferred to the Veterans Court, has my charges amended and my final disposition is reduced with adjudication withheld. Choosing the office of Russo, Pelletier and Sullivan was the best decision I could’ve made. Thank you once again.


A very big thank you to Mr. Tim Sullivan and his staff. He was able to reduce my DUI to reckless driving, subsequently saving me thousands in fines and fringe costs. I felt peace of mind knowing a knowledgeable professional was in the court room as my advocate. Thanks again Tim for making this terrible experience a lot more manageable.


Amazing communication. I was really impressed with this legal team. Very comfortable experience. I couldn’t be happier.


Attorney Tim Sullivan is an exceptional lawyer who goes above and beyond expectations when representing his clients. Always professional and responsive to any questions needing answers. His firm has a team of experienced experts in many areas of the law and they do not hesitate to research relevant case law related to a particular case. Highly recommended.


I was pulled over for DUI last April and had no idea where to turn. I was taken to jail and began praying for an answer. I was released in about 6 hours and upon my return home I found a marketing box from "Russo Pelletier & Sullivan", Attorneys At Law. Prayers answered! I called and explained my problem to the office staff and immediately received a call back from Tim Sullivan who I retained after the free consultation. From then on it was a perfect experience with the office staff and Tim. Tim kept me informed and the staff was kind and efficient. We went to court to argue MTS (Motion to Suppress) evidence following the traffic stop. Tim showed the dash cam video and argued there was no reason to be pulled over. Because of his experience, fairness, and performance in front of the Judge, which was amazing to watch, Tim was able to win the Judge's agreement. Evidence not allowed. I Highly recommend Mr Timothy F Sullivan, his Firm and his awesome staff!


Fall 2021 I was involved in a traffic accident which resulted in a DUI citation. The following day I researched local law firms and also reached out to others (including attorneys) for recommendations of DUI attorneys to represent me. Fortunately I selected Timothy Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan is a former Pinellas County State Prosecutor who previously prosecuted DUI cases but now provides quality DUI defense of cases for his clients. Mr. Sullivan, after extensive review of the facts and circumstances of my case, successfully secured a reduction in charges from DUI to Reckless Driving. Mr. Sullivan was always available, approachable and I never felt ignored. Based on years of experience Mr. Sullivan has mastered his craft. If you are looking for professional representation provided with honesty, reliability and respect I would highly recommend you contact Mr. Sullivan to represent your best interests.


He was amazing! I was looking at serious judgements and he was able to minimize all impact I was looking at! Highly recommended!


He was easily accessible and very professional. He was very specific with details and made sure to always keep you informed on the status of the case at that given time. If you want an attorney who is efficient and down to earth, he’s your guy.


I interviewed a number of attorneys before making a selection. All of the others gave me the impression that they would "just walk me through the process." With Tim, I felt he was truly on my side and would overturn any rock to find a positive resolution to my DUI case. That is exactly what he did. He won my Administrative Review Hearing and he got my DUI case reduced to Reckless Driving. As I told Tim, I don't think I would have gotten these results with any other attorney. I highly recommend Tim.


Helped me to get my license back after a revocation from a couple years ago and couldn't have had a better team for the job. They were thorough, knowledgeable, and quick with results! Definitely the lawyers you would want behind you.


Words can't describe the outstanding job Tim Sullivan did with my second DWI charge. I blew a .19 for the second time in 6 years and I thought my life was over. Tim won the DMV hearing so I got my license back within a week and then he filed a motion to suppress evidence (my breathalyzer results) and we won. The state dismissed my case completely. He is a very knowledgeable lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone.


After being referred to by a friend I was nervous about the process but Tim reassured me that he would be by my side the entire time. He walked me through the steps and made sure that I understood what I was doing. After a while wait, he then proceeded to tell me that my DUI was dropped to reckless driving. We then had another meeting and he explained to me everything I had to do. He made the entire process seamless which was very refreshing because the whole situation in general was very stressful. I am very grateful to have been represented by Mr. Sullivan and would highly reccommend him to anyone.


I highly recommend Tim Sullivan for any legal assistance. I was charged with a felony DUI (second offense), Mr. Sullivan vigorously fought on my behalf and successfully got my charge reduced to reckless driving.


I was initially charged with a felony DUI, but Mr. Sullivan and team were successful in convincing the State to amend the charge to Reckless driving, allowing me to avoid mandatory jail and a 10 year license revocation. Their hard work and effort allowed me continue my life as uninterrupted as possible. Mr. Sullivan told me to just continue with my life while all of this was going on. He saved me from losing my career, my home, my future and my sanity. I highly recommend him to anyone and is well worth his reasonable fee.


I am from upstate NY (Syracuse) and lived in Clearwater FL for a few years. I had an unresolved DUI in the state of Florida when I returned to NY. After quite a few years I contacted Russo and Russo to help me resolve this matter without returning to Clearwater, FL. Timothy Sullivan is the ONLY lawyer that I have ever met that promised EVERYTHING he said he could do, and then some. I am truly thankful for all that he has done. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs a trustworthy lawyer in their corner.


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