How Do I Become Eligible for a DUI Diversion Program in Pinellas County?

Between 2021 and Q1 2023, there were 4,054 DUI charges in Pinellas County. In order to help quickly resolve first-time DUI offenses and prevent jail time, Pinellas County implemented a pre-trial intervention for DUIs called the D.R.O.P. Diversion Program. 

What Is a Diversion Program, and How Can It Help Me?

Pinellas County diversion programs, such as the D.R.O.P. program, are programs designed to “divert” minor offenders from the court system, and allow them to perform certain tasks (usually focused on rehabilitation) while the court proceedings are “stayed,” “continued,” or “put on hold.” In exchange, the State Attorney agrees to provide some form of relief to the accused. If accepted, a diversion program may help you entirely avoid a conviction for DUI and the charge is amended to “Reckless Driving.”

There are several requirements and pre-conditions that must be met by defendants in order to qualify for the D.R.O.P. program. Each case and application for the D.R.O.P. program is evaluated on an individual basis. There are a few conditions that may render you ineligible for the program: if your blood or breath alcohol levels were above 0.150, if your case involves bodily injury, significant property damage, or minor children, as well as other disqualifying events such as driving without a license.  If you have been charged with a DUI offense in Pinellas County, our top-rated DUI defense lawyers will evaluate your possible eligibility for participation in the DUI diversion program. We will guide you every step of the way and instruct you on which tasks to accomplish to give you the best chances of securing a reduction in charge from DUI to Reckless Driving.

It’s essential to consult one of our Clearwater DUI attorneys as soon as possible following a DUI charge to determine if you’re eligible for the D.R.O.P. program. If you do not qualify for D.R.O.P., we may still be able to reduce your DUI charge to reckless driving.

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