DUI Crackdowns Due to the Super Bowl: What Are Your Rights?

The Super Bowl is an exciting time when many people choose to celebrate the game with parties, get-togethers, tailgates, and more. Unfortunately, because so many people spend the Super Bowl drinking alcohol, it is also often a time for law enforcement to crack down on DUIs by setting up checkpoints and stops. With the Super Bowl coming to Tampa in 2021, there is an expectation of even more officers on the road in Tampa and surrounding cities.

If you are pulled over for a DUI, it’s important to understand your rights in order to protect yourself from unwarranted arrests. In this brief article, DWI attorneys in Clearwater with Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan share everything you need to know about DUI crackdowns as the Super Bowl approaches.

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Why Can Drivers Expect More Police Activity During the Super Bowl?

As mentioned earlier, the Super Bowl is a time for celebration. The last time the city of Tampa hosted a Super Bowl, over 300 private events happened in addition to the game itself. These celebrations often involve alcohol, especially for the city hosting the event and for the cities that have teams in the game. For this reason, police activity is often ramped up.

Another reason you can expect higher levels of police activity during the Super Bowl is because of the effort to curb other crimes, like illegal gambling, drug possession and trafficking, human trafficking, and theft — all of which may pose a higher risk during the event. As a result, drivers can expect checkpoints and tighter security during this time, including cameras, police in cars and on foot, and other methods of surveillance.

What Is Driving Under the Influence?

If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), the consequences can be serious, ranging from steep fines and revocation of your driver’s license to community service and even a jail sentence. Even if you know for certain that you are within the legal limit or have not been drinking, you can be arrested by an officer if they have reasonable suspicion that you are not sober or you fail a breathalyzer or field sobriety test.

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What Should You Do If Pulled Over for a DUI?

If you are pulled over for a DUI, remember that you have the right to remain silent. Keep your hands on the wheel and try to remain polite and non-combative. Provide your driver’s license and insurance information, but remember, do not get out of your car unless asked. Here are four tips to remember during this Super Bowl weekend if you are stopped for a DUI Investigation:

  1. Be polite. The fastest way to find yourself in the back of a police cruiser is being rude or disrespectful to the police. Even if you disagree with the officer’s decisions, make sure you don’t fail “the attitude test.”
  2. Be quiet. There is no reason to volunteer information to law enforcement. You have a fundamental right to remain silent when questioned by the police. Use it.
  3. Beware of field sobriety tests. The fact of the matter is – if you are being asked to walk a line or stand on one leg, the officer has likely made up his mind to arrest you. If you take the tests and perform poorly, this evidence will later be used against you. Aside from the complicated nature of the tests, the stress involved makes the tests that much more difficult to perform. Remember when Christina Aguilera screwed up the National Anthem during halftime of the Super Bowl? Stress effects performance.
  4. Be aware that a high breath test result will hurt your defense. The police are quick to tell you that you will lose your license for a minimum of one year if you fail to provide a breath sample. What they will conveniently forget to tell you is that if you provide a breath sample that is high, it will often make it difficult to secure a reduction in charge. Likewise, the penalties associated with a DUI go up if you provide a breath sample that is above .15 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of air.

Remember – the best offense is a good defense! In the event that you are pulled over for a DUI and arrested, you’ll want to contact the top DWI attorneys in Clearwater as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, you may be facing criminal charges, fines, and jail time, so it is critical to contact legal counsel immediately.

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