Can You Trust the Drink Chart? Evaluating the Accuracy of Your Breath Test Results

One-Size Does Not Fit All

The drink chart reproduced on this page can be found all over the World Wide Web. This drink chart provides a rough estimate of a person’s blood alcohol level based on the number of drinks consumed and the person’s weight. It is troubling that many defense attorneys rely on similar charts in order to gauge whether their client may have been impaired after consuming a given number of drinks. The truth of the matter is that a “one size” chart does not fit all.

However, as the science of breath and blood alcohol content analysis advanced, opportunities to refine the tools of the DUI defense practitioner emerged.

A Modern Approach

Our office was instrumental in the development of state-of-the-art software designed to accurately calculate a person’s blood alcohol level at the time of driving. Obviously, the ability to pinpoint a nearly precise blood alcohol level at a specific time is a significant advance over the limited information provided by outdated static charts.

Learn more about how we can use DUI Pro software to evaluate and verify the accuracy of your breath test results.

Have an Experienced DUI Attorney Review Your Breath Test Results

The scientific and legal issues associated with breath testing in Pinellas County DUI cases are complex. An experienced St. Petersburg / Clearwater DUI lawyer has the knowledge and skill to evaluate the importance of your breath test in the context of all the evidence. We are certified intoxilyzer operators who can advise you on the accuracy of the breath test results, as well as whether those results can be used against you in court.

The highly experienced attorneys at Russo Pelletier & Sullivan have routinely used the “rising blood alcohol defense” when defending DUI arrests occurring out of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Largo, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Gulfport, Pasadena, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Redington Shores, Madeira Beach and Belleair.

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