What Will it Cost?

What Will it Cost to Hire Us for Your St. Petersburg / Clearwater DUI?

What Will it Cost to Hire Us for Your St. Petersburg / Clearwater DUI?

How We Establish a Fair and Reasonable Price

The facts of every DUI case are different. Likewise, clients often have a different set of priorities and objectives. What this means is that from an Attorney’s perspective, the amount of time and work required from client to client will vary. Given this uncertainty at this early stage of your case, we believe that it is inherently unfair to haphazardly quote a “one size fits all” legal fee, without the benefit of an initial consultation. At the free initial consultation, we can discuss your expectations and learn what is most important to you:

  • Do you anticipate the lawyer’s work to include efforts toward achieving the best possible outcome through a “plea bargain?”
  • Are you interested in having the attorney investigate all possible defenses and to file appropriate motions in an effort to suppress evidence, secure a reduction of the charge or to pursue having the case dismissed?
  • Do you want to exercise your right to a jury trial?

Why Pay for Services You Don’t Need?

We are aware that some Pinellas County law firms will quote a rather large, yet all encompassing legal fee. However, we do not feel comfortable in charging you for legal services that have yet to be determined or are later ascertained to be unnecessary. This is particularly true within the Criminal Justice System, since a significantly large number of people facing a prosecution for DUI will satisfactorily conclude their case without their need to proceed to a jury trial. So if a lawyer tells you that his fee “includes everything”…you might inquire if in fact, the fee was calculated for services that you may not need.

We Are DUI Attorneys Who Offer Payment Plans

We Are DUI Attorneys Who Offer Payment Plans

— Major Credit Cards Accepted  —

We strongly believe that the earlier we can begin work on your case, the more options that might be available and the quicker we may be able to resolve the matter. By accepting credit cards and offering custom payment plans, we can work with you in getting you the immediate help you need. This means that in many cases, you can have access to an attorney you feel comfortable with, even though you might not be able to pay the entire legal fee up front.

We Can Help You Secure Financing Through a Third Party Lender

We understand that some people may not be prepared financially for a DUI charge. We will work with you to determine if you qualify for financing for legal services through a third party lender.

How Our Fees are Positively Impacted by the Way We Run Our Law Office

— We Invite You to Compare this Practice With Other Local Law Firms —

We Only Handle Pinellas Cases: Our office operates very efficiently because we only accept criminal cases arising out of the St. Petersburg/Clearwater/Pinellas County area. Unlike most local attorneys, we don’t spend unproductive travel time to the neighboring counties of Hillsborough, Pasco,Sarasota, or Manatee.

We Make Daily Trips to the Courthouse: Normally, it is unnecessary for us to make a special trip to the two traffic court divisions that handle DUI cases in Pinellas County. A successful or sought after DUI Defense Attorney in St. Petersburg or Clearwater will likely already be headed to the same courtroom on the day your DUI case has been scheduled.

You Benefit From Our Familiarity with the Pinellas Court System: We are very familiar with the local practices and customs of both the Pinellas County Criminal Court judges and the State Attorney’s office. This background of experience comes as a result of many years working within the system as either a former state prosecutor or as a criminal defense attorney. The two lawyers assisting you have a combined legal experience of over twenty years and have handled thousands of DUI and other criminal cases.

Remember…the initial consultation at our office is always free.

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