Getting a Head Start on Your DUI Court Obligations Could Save You Time & Money

Preparing for Court: We Have the Tools to Teach You What You Need to Know

We Can Help You Complete DUI Court Obligations in Advance

We can assist you with all forms required by the DHSMV for driver’s license reinstatement. Our video tapes, instructional packets and client handbook can help you complete court obligations in advance of your case being heard by a judge. Your “head start” can often expedite the reinstatement of your driving privileges and reduce some costs.

Cutting Through The Red Tape

We will reveal the “Tricks and traps” associated with DUI School, the “alcohol counseling evaluation process,” and where appropriate, the community service requirement. By educating you on how to better negotiate your way through the system, you may be able to reinstate your driving privileges sooner and better demonstrate your positive attitude to the judge.

The DUI Insider™ Video Series

Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan has written and produced this exclusive video program to give you an in-depth explanation of Florida’s DUI laws and defenses. After watching our first video in the series, you will have a thorough understanding of what the prosecutor must prove in order to secure a conviction for DUI. You will also learn what evidence can be used to your benefit, and whether your case may be a good candidate for securing a reduction from DUI to a charge of “reckless driving”.

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