Charged with a DUI While Vacationing in Florida? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you’re on vacation, it’s only natural to want to kick back and have a few drinks to relax. Unfortunately, even on vacation, you might find yourself facing DUI charges. Nothing ruins a great vacation like an arrest, especially for a DUI. This can become an even more complicated process if you’re visiting from out of state. You may need to appear in court or serve a sentence locally if convicted, creating an even more frustrating scenario for you and your family.

In this brief article, our best DUI attorney in Clearwater with Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan shares a few things you might need to know if you are charged with a DUI while visiting Clearwater, Florida on vacation.

During and Right After the Arrest

Just as you would have to handle the arrest if you were in your hometown, you may be asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. Additionally, your car will likely be impounded and you’ll more than likely need to contact someone who can come with bail money to help you get out.

It is an even stickier situation if you are on your trip alone or with only your children. In either event, your best choice is to contact DUI lawyers in Clearwater with Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan. Your attorney will help you understand your choices to be released.

Can You Go Home to Another State After an Arrest?

The big question after you’ve been arrested while vacationing in another state is whether you can go home, and what comes next. While you may be permitted to travel back to your home state, you may not be able to travel internationally. This poses an obvious issue to international travelers in particular, or those who travel internationally for business.

Once you go home, the DUI charge will follow you and if your license was revoked or temporarily suspended, the suspension stands in your home state as well. In fact, other states will treat the arrest as though it happened there for all penalties.

You may be required to return to the state for a trial depending on your plea, however when you hire Clearwater DUI lawyers you may not have to appear for other hearings. This will depend on what your attorney can have approved by the judge and if they are approved to appear alone on your behalf.

If convicted in Clearwater, you may be required to return to serve your sentence or the judge may approve you to serve your sentence locally to your home. This will vary depending on the judge, the blood alcohol level when arrested, if this is your first conviction, and a number of other factors.

The best course of action after any arrest when you are on vacation is to attempt to handle as much as you can while you are still in town. You may have a limited amount of time to handle your case, which is why it is so important to contact the best DUI attorney in Clearwater. To find out what you should do when you’ve been arrested for any reason during a vacation, contacting Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan can help.

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